Ella Rose

"I worked with Martin in Holland back in April, and can happily say I can't fault him at all. It was a pleasure and a shoot I really enjoyed. The messages in advance were extremely thorough, leaving me in no doubt about his aims and organisation, and during the shoot I found him very friendly, easy to talk to and interested in learning and developing his style. It was a very relaxed day at a great location. I also really appreciate that he asked my opinion on the images post-shoot, discussing with me which to edit and taking my thoughts/suggestions into account. Overall, it was a very collaborative shoot. I look forward to working with him again next time I'm in the Netherlands."

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"So I got to shoot with Martin on my Netherlands tour and I could not be more happy with how the day went. We shot all day and Martin took me to the most amazing places. We went to a national park near to Amersfoort where there were sand dunes that I got to do an arabian themed shoot. Martin even organised for us to go in a supurb old building that had been refurbished. Martin was so chatty and such a great laugh all day. He was up for all my crazy ideas and just so much fun to model for. I do hope to be able to work with him again very soon. Thanks again Martin for an amazing shoot. 100% recommended."

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Roswell Ivory / Faith Roswell

"I worked with Martin during my recent Netherlands tour and would work together again in a heartbeat! Not only did he have a "Plan A" but plans "B" and "C" too, in case of weather and crowd issues (very important when shooting nude outdoors on a cold day!). During the shoot, he was mindful of my safety and comfort at all times, and the chocolate croissant was very much appreciated. Martin is one of the only photographers I know, who comes with a 'shoot kit' of plasters, towels and extra things that may come in handy. It's a brilliant idea!

I loved being able to review and images in the back of the camera between shots- there's nothing worse than leaving a location and realising your foot's in the wrong place! Even after the shoot, Martin was kind enough to bring me to my hotel to save me extra train journeys. Highly, highly recommended and I look forward to working together again.

Here's a frood who really knows where his towel is!"

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Joy Draiki

"Martin was taking a workshop that I was modelling for. He was very nice and chatty but also polite and professional. Afterwards he also offered me a ride home even though it was a detour from where he lived and he was great company during the ride! I also got a lot of beautiful shots in my mailbox afterwards.

I recommend everybody to work with Martin!"

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Helen Diaz

"I worked with the lovely and charming Martin who kindly hosted me for a couple of days whilst I was in the Amsterdam area. I was initially in the area for a party with friends and very luckily Martin agreed to work together when I posted a last minute casting, so I stayed an extra day in the local area. Martin kindly collected me from the airport, cooked me lovely meals, made sure I was comfortable, gave me a lovely room and was a very hospitable and considerate host to stay with. He was even so kind to bring me back to the airport after my journey, which saved me so much hassle with trains and taxis.

We were lucky enough to shoot on location as the weather was lovely and I am really looking forward to the seeing the beautiful photos! Martin was super easy to work with- laid back and let me be my mad creative self, which I really appreciated. Martin's cat is also gorgeous and the home was so lovely and pleasant to stay in. I couldn't have wished for a nicer Dutch photographer! Thank you so much and I really hope to work with you again in the future (and thankyou for laughing at my (many) bad jokes!). Super highly recommended to all models to work with and stay with."

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Elle Beth

"I had a great shoot with Martin during my tour of Holland. Martin's pre-comms were excellent and he was prepared with everything you need for location shoots. We had some issues regarding traffic and road closures but Martin was quick to plan an alternative and made sure it didn't affect the day, which made me feel relaxed and that the day would still be successful.

We captured some really beautiful photos, at the stunning locations and I was happy to see the results really quickly. I can happily recommend Martin to any model traveling to Holland, especially if your looking for a fun, well organised and relaxed creative day with stunning photos. I hope to work with Martin again when I'm back in Holland."

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Nicole Rayner

"I had a fabulous shoot with him on my recent Holland tour! Pre-comms were some of the best I’ve ever had! Martin was SO accommodating and helpful. He kindly picked me up from my morning shoot. I had 4 hours with Martin in a studio setting. He had a clear plan of what he wanted to do and had sent me mood boards prior to our shoot. He brought some great props with him and I enjoyed trying to achieve the shots he wanted!

Martin has a great knowledge of photography and lighting! He worked very quickly and he also asked my opinions on the shots and listened to any suggestions I had. It was a real collaboration. I really enjoyed Martin's creativity and artistry!

The shoot was very relaxed and very fun! Martin has a great energy and enthusiasm and I really enjoyed his company. Such a happy smiley guy who really listen my spirits. I was super impressed with the shots on the back of the camera. Martin comes highly recommended by me and I hope we get to shoot again!"

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Valentina the Black Pearl

"I had an absolutely perfect day shoot with Martin during my tour of Holland! We had been trying to work together for more than a year, and we finally succeeded. Martin is an absolute pleasure to work with. Great communication from the start, he's super organized, which makes for a relaxing and efficient shoot, and he's a true professional.

We shot in two different locations, he was on time picking me up and made sure I was comfortable at all times during the day. We got some amazing shots and had great fun taking them! I can recommend him without hesitation, and I really hope I'll get the chance to work with him again soon!"

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Vivid Dreamer

"It was really wonderful working with Martin. He is calm and collected, precise and genuine. The shoot went very smoothly and the results are beautiful!

I would definitely recommend booking a shoot with Martin!!"

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